Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will I get any real estate assistance?

  • Yes. Real Estate selection is a critical component to the long-term success of a store. The New York Butcher Shoppe provides assistance throughout the entire real estate process. We work closely with the franchisee to make sure we identify the “right” site.

Q. Do I get any in-store support when I open a new unit?

  • Yes, your franchise fee covers a new unit support team. The new unit support team will be onsite 1-week prior and 1-week post opening. If needed, arrangements for extended support can be made.

Q. Can I offer other non-NYBS products in my store?

  • All our meat products are required to be New York Butcher Shoppe high-quality approved products. However, local grocery items can be offered. Part of the charm of The New York Butcher Shoppe are the hard to find grocery items that are often made locally. We pride ourselves as being a strong partner of the local community.

Q. Is pricing set by corporate?

  • Corporate provides pricing guidance based on current commodity cost and margins. We encourage franchisees to follow our pricing guidelines however, franchisees have the ability to set their store pricing.

Q. Do you have an annual conference?

  • Yes, The New York Butcher Shoppe holds a conference each year. We feel this is very important and a great opportunity to bring together franchisees, corporate, vendors and other stakeholders to outline strategic objectives, new initiatives, share best practices and much more.

Q. Do you have a preferred lender, general contractor?

  • We have lenders and contractors that support The New York Butcher Shoppe system and are made available. Franchisee however can use whoever best fits their needs.

Q. Where do I purchase my food from?

  • Sysco Corporation currently provides most products sold.

Q. How many food deliveries do I get a week?

  • On average 2 deliveries per week.